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Overwhelmed is an intensive side-scroller shooter game. Gain as much points as you can by fighting through hundreds of enemies. You can buy upgrades between waves but be aware! Upgrades cost points, so manage them well to get to the top of Highscores!

Control: Rockets
Space: Primary Weapon
Shift: Shield
Arrows: Move
Movement: arrow

Your aim is to gain as much points as you can. You can buy upgrades between waves, but be aware! They cost points. Manage your points well and you will get to the top of Highscores.

Arrows: Movement
Space: Primary weapon
Control: Rockets
Shift: Shield

--Some crucial information:--

-after each wave the health regenerates by 25
-the shield gets disabled after 3 collisons
-when the player dies but he has further lives, the plane will be moved to its inital position and the shield will be enabled.
-tracker rockets choose their target randomly

Play: Overwhelmed Games, Overwhelmed 2, Overwhelmed 3

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